Clay or Loam? Which do I pick?

The Rachio selected “Loam”. When I go to the USGS site it says I have different types of clay.

Who’s right, or doesn’t it matter?


@Desmo - it matters - GIGO.

I’d default to the USGS site, unless you know that good dirt was brought in and not the natural soil.

See ->

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Yah I don’t have any idea about the soil. The lawn was put in probably 15 years ago. The rest of the soil that is irrigated I have no idea about either. Those plants have likely been there 30 years or more.

When it’s dry that dirt the plants are in is hard stuff. I often can’t get one of those moisture meters more than 1/2 inch into ground.

Guess I’ll reset to clay like USGS says.

What impact does that have on watering?

@Desmo - sounds like clay to me.

Impacts available water capacity and the absorption rate for cycle and soak.

I changed them all and on average the current moisture level jumped up 10% from where it had been.