Clarifying Questions for Pump Start Relay

Hello All,

Just moved into a new home in S. Florida and getting ready to install my new Rachio 3. I’ve done some homework and just have a few clarifying questions before I begin the install. Here is my situation:

*3 Zones with Master Index Valve ( I realize I’m missing out on functionality and have already started investigating upgrading to individual zones)

*Pulling water from a canal with 1.5 HP pump

  • Replacing Intermatic ET1125CPD82 (Digital Timer)

Now for the questions:

  1. I understand a pump start relay is needed in these situations, but before I spend the money, is there any way to leverage or re-use the Intermatic’s higher voltage capabilities so that a PSR is not needed?

  2. Assuming a PSR is definitely needed, I feel like I will have an issue with the 15’ minimum distance requirement as I don’t have a 15’ span of wall where the pump/controller are located. Is there a trick or scenario where I can run 8’ of wire one direction from the controller and then loop it back 8’ to the PSR? (I’ve read that the physical distance isn’t as important as the length of wire)

I’m attaching pictures of the setup in case it helps. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide!