Chromebook display


Hi, I noticed that on a Chromebook, the moisture graph screen does not render quite right, part of the graph is off the screen and you need to scroll across to see it (but then you lose the left side, so difficult to remember what each line is etc)

This is not an issue on Chrome browser on Windows, just ChromeOS. There is sufficient screen resolution, it just uses approx half in a popup window. If the window was wider, it would be fine.

Note the scroll bar at the bottom and how you can only see 7/18 - 7/21, the 3 remaining days are not visible (unless you scroll).



Hi @DigitalBoy
This is a know issue. Thanks for the feedback!

Dan :rachio:


@Dan Interesting, I see the same on my 14" Toshiba laptop on Windows 8.1

I also have to scroll right to see the most recent days. So is this issue really unique to the Chromebook?


Hi @vicw
Shouldn’t be unique to chromebooks, should affect anything under a particular screen size…


Thanks @Dan That makes sense. When I first encountered this display, it took a bit before I realized that it could be scrolled to show current dates.

Little by little, I’m learning all of the intricacies of the Rachio app and browser functionality, and how data is being used to schedule watering. Using Flex scheduling is quite an adventure, and I’m glad that I am have selected it.


Thanks @vicw :blush: Be sure to let us know if you run into any other issues, or have any questions…

Dan :rachio:


I just noticed this issue seems to have been fixed. At least on a Chromebook, the full graph is displayed (no scroll bars).