Choose specific days of week on Fixed schedule

Is there really no way to choose which days of the week my Fixed schedule runs? I can do this on every other watering control system. Please, why in the world is that option not listed in the schedule settings? You have every other option in there… You allow me to change which zones are active, and the watering durations, and start and end date. BUT NOT THE DAYS OF THE WEEK? Are you kidding? Please just add this feature. I don’t want to have to recreate a new schedule and hope my other settings are the same as they were in the prev schedule.

When you created your Fixed Schedule did you select “Specific Days”? With that schedule you can chose any day/s that you want the watering to occur. To change the days you want to water, edit the schedule, click on interval and then select your days.

A fixed even/odd schedule does not let you select days of the week. and the Daily Interval schedule is for when you want every X number of days, so also does not let you select days of the week.