Checking my rain sensor

Just hooked up my new Rachio. I had a rain sensor from my previous controller. I am able to test it (push the button) and I can see in my mobile app that it was activated and then deactivated. But then I tried manually running a zone, but pressing the button on the sensor did not stop the water. Does this work as designed? Since I was doing a manual zone, the sensor does not affect it? I am not sure if the sensor actually works. Can I take a cup of water and pour it on the sensor? I’m concerned that the button and wiring are good, but the actual part that detects rain may not be working right.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


What brand and model of sensor did you install. My first thought is the system will not turn off if you ran it in a manual mode. Even if irrigation is halted because of a rain event you can always run a zone manually.

Not sure what brand. I think it might be a Rain Bird. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. It’s been raining this week. Thanks.

Last night it was raining. At 2:18 am I got a notification from Rachio that my rain sensor activated. So I guess its working.

Hey @alfredoj-

Sounds like it is working correctly! An activated rain sensor will interrupt any future waterings. So If your controller is currently watering, it will finish the run. Also, if you manually force a run, it will run. This is actually by design, most timers cannot water at all with an activated sensor. We wanted to give users the ability to water with an activated sensor if they really wanted to! Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

McKynzee :rachio:


I was reading in the forums that you can not manually run a schedule (with more than one zone) when the rain sensor is activated. Is this true? I guess I’ll try it tonight when I get home…

Looks like you are good to go.