Cheapest sprinkler to use that’s compatible with Rachio?

Hi! I found Rachio and am curious of your suggestions of the cheapest sprinkler system that’s compatible within Rachio. Anyone have any suggestions? Please let us know. Thanks!

I’d go to your local home improvement center and see what they have.

I think all systems sold today should be compatible. They all follow the same standards. Be careful going cheap tho, I did this many years ago and ended up replacing all the sprinkler heads. I will never buy orbit again, thats for sure.

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I’ve got buckets of cheap Home Center irrigation parts I pull out of clients properties everyday, valves heads, nozzles you name it. Even new pro stuff installed and or specified incorrectly by others for a site.

I usually give them to the gardeners ( or the recycle bin) so I can pull them out on their next job when they break something and their clients call me to get it done correctly.

Call it job security and a sustainability approach.

The cheapest “system” then , new would be say a Lawn Genie Valve hooked up to your hose bib, with some appropriate nipples and swings joints to accommodate a Rotor or Impact head.

Don;t forget to connect the valve with some left over phone wire, coaxial cable or whatever else is laying around. Bread ties might even work too.

The above could do in a pinch just don’t let the Pillsbury Dough boy know!

Monday’s trash day so you have some time before I pitch this weeks haul. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: