Changing Zones Watering Sequence

I am running 12 zones on a fixed schedule. Due to a pvc line break in one of my zones I had to shut down zone #2 while making repairs. When I reactivated that zone, by default it watered at the end of the 12-zone sequence. Is there a way that I can relocate that zone to its original location (#2 of 12) in the watering sequence? Thank you so much.

As long as I understand completely, this is how I do it on my Android:

  1. Go to your schedule
  2. Go to “Duration” where you see the order and times of each zone in the schedule
  3. Tsp & hold the zone (the four lines or the name)
  4. Move your finger with that zone to where you want it & remove your finger from the screen

Thanks, Thomas. That did the trick. Much appreciated.


Does that then change the order on a PC?

I was going to say it should since it likely uses the same database, API, etc. But, I decided to take a look and try it, so . . . yes, it does. As well as changing on the PC will reflect the change on the phone. In both cases, need to refresh the data.

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Great, thanks, good to know.