Changing start date

I’m presently using Flex monthly and when we came into August, the watering day changed to even days (presently August shows watering every other day). My neighbor waters on even days and I prefer to water on a different day to avoid too much water between our properties. Can I just choose August 1st as a start date and not have to make a completely new schedule and have to delete my old one? Will doing a new start date affect anything else? Thanks!


Good question, changing your start date should just modify the day the watering interval starts on and subsequently runs at that new interval cadence.

Note that if you change the start date after the schedule should would have run it will run the next day. I’d pick an odd day in the future and should be good to go. Now next month when the interval is automatically changed, all bets are off as you might be running on their days again.


Franz, once again, THANK YOU! Sorry to bother you. These are the first few months I’ve been using Rachio and once I have this season under my belt, HOPEFULLY I wont have to bother you! GREAT product, just a slight learning curve.

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