Changing Schedule type


Seems I cannot change the schedule type.
I click on a schedule, currently fixed days and I want to switch to interval.
It does not allow me. The Schedule Type submenu has no options.



You can not convert to that type. Just create a new schedule and you will be good to go.


This is marked solved, but it is not solved. All you’re doing is telling him what he already knows. He’s telling you he can’t change the schedule type. He knows that. He wants you to enable him to change the schedule tape. Please consider a firmware upgrade. For those of us with 13 zones, it’s a pain in the butt to create a completely new schedule from scratch because you want to change how the system runs. For example, we had a watering restriction in the summer and I had to switch to even odd days. I had to create a whole new schedule! There’s no excuse for that. This is supposed to be sophisticated enough to allow us to make these types of changes. I do not want to have to create a whole new schedule to change watering types, or to change to even odd wondering versus every day watering. It’s a very nice controller but the programming needs a lot of improvement. A simple cheap non-smart controller will at least allow me to run The same program twice a day. I can’t even do that with this. I have to create two programs. So there’s three software improvements for you. Allow us to change schedule types. Allow us to change watering days such as even hard or every day without creating a new schedule, allow us to add multiple start times for a given schedule (program). Consider calling them programs by the way. Not schedules. For much more than schedules. If you can’t get any of these things done, then add a minimum allow us to duplicate a schedule so we do not have to re-create it from scratch. Simply closing this as solved is not an acceptable solution. Because it is not solved. You simply told him what he already knew and that’s disappointing. I think you guys can do better