Changing one setting on zone resets MAD to default 50%

Any time I try to change just one setting on a zone (using the new web app), the MAD gets set back to the default 50%.

Zone before change:

Changed soil to be Silty Clay and click on save:

Go back in and look at it, and my MAD that was 20% has now reset to 50%

For better or for worse, that is working as designed currently.

If you change crop type, soil type, or nozzle type it will reset values on advanced settings that correlate to the default values for that particular zone characteristic.


@franz, thanks for getting back so quickly. (Are you ever not working??) I’m glad you already know about this, but it would be nice if someday in the future it either didn’t go back to the defaults, or it somehow said that it was going to reset to the defaults. I really puzzled for a while why changing the soil type all of a sudden wanted to add 52 minutes to the watering time! I finally caught the MAD defaulting.

In my case, I have a newly planted and redone perennial zone. Since it’s brand new and it’s been really hot here, I’m starting out with the root zone being less than normal, and then gradually I’m going to get it down to what it should be. I’ll just have to remember to go back in and reset the MAD whenever I make a change.

Thanks again!

Yea, something similar was getting me too, my root zone kept reverting to 9 inches.