Changing From Fixed to Flex Daily

Hi there! I’m a brand new user. I’ve only had the system for 2 days! When I set the system up yesterday, I set my Flower Beds (2 Zones) to fixed schedule to water every day. The beds are only about 2 weeks old, new plantings. Both zones are Drip.

Today, my city notified me that my Watering Exemption Certificate is being suspended due to the severe drought here in Texas. I went to my Schedule to change from Fixed to Flex Daily and I can’t change it. Both Flex Monthly and Flex Daily are “grayed out”.

I’ve done some searches here, but I can’t see anything pertaining to my issue,


Just create a new flex schedule with those zones and delete the fixed one.

Now why didn’t I think of that? Thank you.

You can keep the fixed schedule if you wish - just disable it. You can also have more than one flex daily schedule as long as they’re not configured with ANY conflicts (I have “half the zones” alternate day flexes - in Texas).

I’ve often wondered why Rachio chose to make this the only way to change it. It’s been like this for all the years I’ve used Rachio and seems like a simple fix on the coding side but never fixed. If you have a lot of zones it is more time consuming than just simply being able to change it in the app for an existing schedule.

You don’t have to set up the zones again. Just add them all to a flex schedule. Can only be a few minutes work and then disable the monthly schedule. Feels like this is a non issue.