Changed Nozzle. Are Schedules Recalculated?

I’ve been experimenting with the custom nozzles. I am struggling to see how these affect the the times shown in the schedule. For example, assume my original schedule had a zone with 1in/hr nozzles and it was to run for 30 minutes. I now create a new 2in/hr nozzle and assign it to that zone. Should the existing plan automatically adjust the default run time to 15 minutes?

By the way, my city has installed digital water meters on new homes and these meters read flow rate as well as volume. The instantaneous flow rate reads down to the deciliter per minute. I’ve checked the calibration and it seems spot on. These readings could allow me to make very accurate custom nozzles.

Thanks! You have an amazing product.

Hi @JeremyW, good afternoon. Thanks for reaching out!

In theory, yes – however, the duration you see in the app might report the cycling time for Smart Cycle if you have the feature enabled. The nozzle rate (aka precipitation rate) is one of a few factors used to determine your zone durations – other include the vegetation type, exposure (sun/shade), and the zone’s advanced settings.

Please note, the existing watering times are not dynamic and will need to be deleted and recreated for the new nozzle settings to utilized for the recommended schedules.

Yes, it does! If you can run a zone for a set duration, then find the average flow rate in GPH or GPM, please let us know and we can calculate the precip rate for the custom nozzle very easily.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil