Changed from AT&T DSL to Comcast Internet and now no water


A couple of days ago we changed from AT&T DSL to Comcast Internet, went thru the Wi-Fi set up/change and everything appears to be correct, but now there is no water coming out of the sprinklers. Even though the app shows that it is running. I don’t think we have a master valve, have tried changing that setting on or off and doesn’t help. Any ideas?


Hu @carlrich1! Can you tell me what lights are showing on your controller, or if any of them are flashing? You can refer to this support doc for more clarity on that:
If you can let me know, we can start troubleshooting whatever issue you are running into and get you back to watering!

McKynzee :rachio:


Picture is attached, you can see I was trying to run zone 6. Everything looks like it is running normally from the controller and the app, but no water is coming from the sprinklers. This unit has been running normally (at least I think it has) until we changed from AT&T DSL to Comcast Internet this past week. Carl.


Hey Carl-

I am going to open a support ticket for you so we can more effectively troubleshoot- keep an eye out for an email from We will get you back up and running!

McKynzee :rachio: