Change order of zones in flex daily schedule

Hi all,

I’ve had flex daily running for the last year and it’s worked great. Last year we put a patio on and I like to sit out there and work during the morning sun. However, now that I’ve turned the sprinklers back on, inevitably the zone nearest my patio wants to run while I’m out there.

How can I reorder the zones in the flex daily so that I can tell it what order to run the zones in? It seems locked when I look at the schedule.

What platform are you on, Android, iOS, or something else? I have manually rearranged mine last year by editing the duration of each zone within the schedule. I can provide more details if you wish.

To change the zone order you can do this from the edit schedule screen dashboard > watering schedule card > Edit watering schedule > select watering schedule > durations > select and drag the zone into the order you wish.

Hope this helps.

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d’oh, do i feel silly, i was looking at zones and not duration. Thanks Anthony!

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