Change Lightbar Color When In Standby

When putting the Rachio 3 in standby mode from the app, it shows the warning in the app in that light orange color. I’d really like to see the light on the controller change to that same color as a reminder its in standby. I have my unit installed next to my garage door and walk by it a few times per day, so it would be a great reminder that I have my system in standby.


I’d like to see this as well. As soon as I put my controller into Standby a few weeks ago I looked into the garage expecting the lights to have changed from blue to amber.

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I also like this idea!


Add my vote for the feature too. Great idea.

Any chance this feature will be implemented or is it at least under consideration?

@Michael_I - No doubt your plate is full since joining Rachio, but would you please let us know if this is at least on the to-do list? Seems like a relatively easy change to make and would be a very cool update!

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