Change interval and have 2 schedules with every 2 day on different days?

Is it possible to change the interval type (from “odd/even” to “Daily Interval”) without having to recreate the entire schedule? It doesn’t seem so - and it’s a pita to have to recreate the schedule with 16 zones. Seems like such a trivial change to the backend of the system.

How can I change the schedule type from “Fixed” to “Flex Monthly” just to try it? Doesn’t seem I can, and again I need to recreate the entire schedule?

I like the flexibility of “Daily Interval” as opposed to something like odd/even days. I’ve created 2 schedules Front and Back, each with every 2 days. How can I set it so that they don’t run on the same day?

So far, I’m finding the entire Rachio application/scheduling process to be very clunky, and limiting and highly regretting this purchase decision. Scheduling on my old traditional controller was easier than using this interface.

Unfortunately not. It’s actually not a trivial thing we can do, but agree the user interface is not as flexible as it could be.

They are very different concepts and don’t translate into one another. I would disable your fixed schedule and then create a flex monthly if you’d like to try it out. If it’s not for you, you can just re-enable the fixed schedule.

You can change the start dates on the schedules so they are staggered.

Sorry to hear that, I will relay this feedback to our product team.

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your feedback!