Centipede Grass Daily Flex Schedule

I’m new and on my first week with the Rachio and a daily flex schedule. I have centipede grass and have been in my house since 2008. My lawn has always looked pretty good. In my research of centipede grass most the experts say water less often but water good when you do water. I’ve never had my sprinkler on a schedule. I always watched the lawn and weather/rain and watered when my lawn needed it. The initial flex schedule shows it running most zones everyday for the next few weeks and only watering each zone from 6 to 10 minutes. I’ve done the websoil survey site for my home in Myrtle Beach SC and the mason jar test to figure out I have loamy sand soil. I dug up areas to figure out my root length too. Should I be concerned about how the flex schedule wants to water everyday? Will it eventually figure things out and change the water amount and days? I’ve told myself to let it do its thing for the month of May and see how I feel after a month.