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I resent being lumped under the category of lawn nerds! I’m mostly a green thumb. I have never been referred to as a nerd. (At least to my face.) Geeky–yes. I suppose a category labeled Garden Goddess would be too much to ask. I’ll settle for equal billing–Lawn Nerds / Green Thumbs.:wink:

On another note, I promised to post some photos. Kudos to Rachio for allowing long-distance gardening!!
Recently, when drought restrictions were put in place, it was an easy matter to disable the schedules I was using and create another I labeled “Drought” to comply with the days we were assigned. I didn’t have to make any changes to the orchard since it was on a once weekly fixed schedule and the day allowed just happened to be one of the days irrigation is allowed.
Looking forward to apples in a few months.
Thanks Rachio!!!


Ok Garden Goddess is my new favorite :100:

and that apple tree is beautiful!

-Lo :rachio:

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Thanks! Unfortunately the birds got more of the cherries than we did, but maybe we’ll have an apple pie or two!


Yay another orchard watered by Iro! Looks like quite a bounty is coming. We had ants attack a ripe fig very recently so got out the Tanglefoot goop. Unbelievably sticky stuff. Birds have yet to realize fruit abounds, thankfully.


Yep, Rachio has been taking care of our fruit trees since 2014. And doing a darned good job!

I’ve used Tanglefoot on corrugated cardboard around the trunks of the apples to slow down coddling moths. This year it appears we’ve got the upperhand. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Tanglefoot is unbelievably sticky!!! I resorted to “pre-gooped” sticky yellow cards to keep an eye on the bug population.

Mission fig? BTW, great avatar!

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That’s a great idea!

Black Turkey fig. This is our first crop off the tree and we’re stoked.

Wow! Enjoy. A friend has one and, wow! are they delicious!!!