Catching up after grass has turned yellow

We are about two weeks behind needing irrigation to keep the grass green. There are lots of yellow spots. What’s the best strategy to get the grass to sprout again?

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Depending on what is causing the yellow spots. I am guessing from what you said, needed water. Other things might be too much nitrogen (such as dog urine or nitrogen burn), pests (grubs), soil compaction, or nutrient deficiencies. Things I have had to do: For water deficiencies, water and maybe Revive fertilizer. Nitrogen burn might be replacing the patch of lawn. Grubs, take care of those right away.

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The yellow spots are most certainly caused by dryness. In Central Indiana we have very wet late winters and early springs, and then it turns very dry. The not infrequent thunderstorms do not contribute to the watering of lawns very much.

At any rate, I was wondering about how to catch up and not get the grass into a condition, where the roots are discouraged from driving deeper into the soil, in case I water too much.

Two weeks of an extra schedule won’t affect roots much. Just do long cycle times.

What schedule are you on now? Flex daily or something else? You may want to ch age some settings to water a little more, then to give it an extra boost of water go into each zone and manually set the water depletion to zero. This will cause it to water immediately, and then be on your schedule. You can do this a few times if needed…easiest way to overwater without changing the general scheduling.


Thanks! That’s the type of approach I had been looking for.