Catch Cup test questions

Hi! I have just gotten through running a catch cup test in two zones that overlap somewhat, and have some questions. First, like I said, I thought that some of the sprinklers overlapped, so I kept some of the catch cups in the same place for both zones. However, some of those wound up with like 5 ml, which I think put it right on the edge of the overlap. Should I count that? Also, there are a few cups that have a very high amount of water, but that were also close to plants, which makes me think that they may be artificially high because of water running off the plant leaves. Should those be omitted? On the other hand, that IS how the water acts, so maybe I should keep them in? And final question: there is one very small part of this yard that essentially gets overlapped entirely by both zones, instead of the other parts where it overlaps a little on the edge. That part is also the part of the lawn that gets the most sunlight, while the rest remains pretty shaded most of the year. So should I take that into consideration and have each zone apply half the water, or leave it alone and have it double water because the zones are set for shade, and the sunny bit needs more water?

If anyone cares, the information I got is this:
Front wall: Uniformity 56%, Precip rate 1.03 in/hr (if including overlap)
Uniformity 50%, Precip rate 0.93 (not including overlap or the fringe cups)

Driveway: Uniformity 52%, Precip rate 0.93 (including overlap)
Uniformity 53%, Precip rate 0.76 (not including overlap)

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I don’t love including overlap between zones, especially on Flex Daily scheduling since the zones have a tendency to get out of sync if the settings are different. This is where things can get a bit tricky for sure.