Catch cup test for head to head coverage

When doing s catch cup test for an area that another zone also covers, do I just calculate the results with only one zone running for 20 mins or do I also run the corresponding zone that also waters that area?


You should run both zones for the same amount of time to see what that catch cup would actually get

Thought of that. But also thought that since I’m trying to see what my rotor head output is, wouldn’t I only need to run one zone to see that heads output?

Are you trying to see just what that head puts out or are you trying to determine the PR for the zone for a custom nozzle?

Trying to make sure my nozzle selections are accurate so I can make a custom if necessary.

I am a Certified Landscape Auditor through The Irrigation Association. You run the overlapping zones for the same amount if time. Whose software are you using? Hydro Rain or someone else? Water agency? Hope this helps.

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If you are doing a catch cup test for your zones, then you really should create custom nozzles based off your findings. No need to just check it against the preset default numbers.

Check out Step 4 at the link below.

Instructions for Catch Cup Test

Yeah just keep it simple.