Cat Poop & Poop and more Poop.... Wireless motion sensor?

maybe i just invented something great? maybe it already exists…

I have a 2 planter boxes in front of my home. Cats keep crapping in it and digging up my flowers. I have those beds plumbed for in ground drip system with my sprinklers and controlled by my ranchio.

is there a Wireless motion sensor that i can set to activate my zone #3 (drip system) for 10 seconds anytime there is motion to scare out the Crapping cats? Im currently using a wireless RING camera to alert my phone when there is motion so i can use my Ranchio app to quickly turn on the water to scare out the cats. But seems there HAS to be a better way to do this.

if there isnt… Who wants to be partners and make this happen? lol

Sorry to tell you that these motion activated sprinklers to deter animals already exist. (Or maybe that’s the good news.)
I had the same problem with the neighbor’s cats that constantly dug up my flowers. To deter them, I used clear plastic forks stuck handle-down in the dirt. Clear ones are difficult to see among the flowers, but the tines are unwelcoming to the neighborhood cats.
Lava rocks used as a mulch layer also helps.

If you already have a Ring camera, you might still be able to do this through IFTTT. Link both accounts to it and set a rule up within IFTTT. I just can’t remember what is available without a subscription theses days (used to be free).

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