Care to share your favorite threads?


We’re looking for Rachio family, community-approved threads for an ongoing project! We would love for you to share your favorite threads regarding:

  • Best ways to improve lawn care
  • Tips for watering your lawn
  • Dying Grass
  • Best Sprinkler System Improvements
  • Decreasing Water Rates
  • Leaks/Reason to buy a Flow Meter

Thanks in advance!
-Lo :rachio:

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I enjoy this discussion and will refer to it when I redo my lawn sprinklers:


I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that a majority of the “favorite” threads are going to be from @azdavidr. Overachiever!



Haha, thanks @tmcgahey. I think I fall into the overachieving underachiever category. Or, wait, maybe the other one. :wink:


@laura.bauman - Since Gen 2’s still depend on Aeris, I’d throw @Gene’s WUYFI post out there:

Also, @mckynzee had a similar request - Rachio MVP: Most Valuable Posts - last year. I think most of those have already been picked up.

I’d also suggest something about what/how to post in the community for asking for assistance besides “it isn’t working. Grass dying. Please help.” Like pictures of wiring, actual settings, network information, etc.