Can't Turn Off Zone Manually

When I manually run a zone I seem to be running into a bug where I cannot stop it without restarting the Rachio app. Here are the steps I use to reproduce.

  1. Under Zones select a zone and the control for the zone drops down
  2. Set run time using ± buttons and then click run button
  3. The zone successfully starts. This is good :slight_smile:
  4. Click Stop button and control for zone rolls up but the zone continues running. This is bad :frowning:
  5. At this point if I don’t do anything the zone will stop once the time set in #2 finishes.

If I force stop the Rachio app by double clicking the home button and swiping away the Rachio app and then restart I am able to click on the zone and press the Stop button to have it stop watering immediately.

This is a big pain when I am working on the system so I am frequently starting/stopping the zone.

iOS 7.1.2 (most current)
iPhone 5
Rachio App Version - 1.5 and 1.6 (issue seen on both versions)

@rlynch‌ Can you reach out to I’m sure they can help you with this.


Same issue… product just does not work as advertised.

@Mopi, the root cause of your issue is DC solenoids; the Rachio controller (Gen1 and Gen2) is not compatible with DC solenoids.

Please my comments in this thread for more details.