Can't run manual cycle

Tried to run a manual schedule this morning and got error message “request cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later”. A little frustrating as I’ve never had an issue and the one morning I want to give the lawn a little extra (noticed some browning) I get an error.

Same situation here. It didn’t run flex schedule this morning and when I tried to run a manual cycle I got the error message on the app. The web app is just as flaky. If I try to run a manual cycle it says it’s watering but it’s not.

I have the same issue.

Same here.

If I choose “Manual Run” from any device (Android or Apple) I get the error “Request fail, please check connection” (Android phone). “The request could not be completed. Please try again later” (iPad).

-I’ve power cycled the R2 twice.
-Tried restarting the home network and I get the same result.All other network devices are on line and working fine.
-Ran “Update Wi-Fi Network” from App, successfully connected.(Wi-Fi signal is strong)
-Rachio does show up on my network map.
-Can run manual stations from the controller itself and I do get SMS messages when the 3 min cycle ends

It appears servers are down. I cannot connect the web app, and there is no response to pings to or to (which is another address my browser indicates it is trying to connect).

Support team is looking into it as mentioned on another post.

Level 3 is also having issues as well that could contribute, what post did you mention supports involvement ?

Development team, my mistake. My Gen 1 ran but not my Gen 2 Iro…

Please follow Request failed, please check your connection