Can't reliably connect to controller

Spinning arrows and pulsing lines for everyone!

I’m posting this because I don’t see any way to contact Rachio technical support. I presume they have no email, chat, or phone support.

Rachio Gen 2 16 channel

It’s almost impossible to connect to the controller from my app or web page. On the app, I just get the spinning circle most of the time. More -> Controller Settings gives me the pulsing line. If I wait long enough (2-5 minutes), sometimes the app will connect. That’s how I was able to get the current FW. The web site has similar problems.

I’ve had the device for several years without any problems.

  • All 4 controller lights are on and solid. The ring is not lit.
  • I can run stations manually from the controller.
  • FW: iro2-firmware-5-119
  • My router shows the controller is connected. I can ping its IP address reliably.
  • I’ve power cycled the controller. Twice.
  • I’ve reassigned wifi. Twice. (note that this is not a wifi issue - see above)
  • I’ve force quite the app, restarted the phone. On 2 separate phones.
  • I’ve logged in and out of the web site, deleted cookies.


  • Controller is connected to wifi and can run manual just fine.
  • Problem is with connection to the controller from app or website. Server side problem?
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