Can't reconnect Tempest Weather Station

My Tempest has been driving me a bit crazy the last couple of weeks. First, it stopped recording precipitation. While I was trying to figure out what was going on, I changed from my own Tempest to another weather station close to me on Rachio. After researching, I finally figured out that my Tempest wasn’t recording precipitation because the battery was too low on it. Never got a warning from Tempest that the battery was getting low and going into power save mode.

I decided that the location my Tempest was in probably had too much shade in the summertime, so I moved it to another location and the battery is very gradually recharging (after an entire week in the sun – I think it may also have a battery problem, which is another story!). It finally got it up to the point where it records precipitation again. So, I went to make it my weather station again in Rachio.

Now when I go to add it, using the plus symbol on the first screen with all the devices, I go to the “Tempest Weather Station”, select my address of the device that goes with the Tempest, log in, and then all I get is “Error: No available devices found Tempest account”. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone else had this issue?