Can't pair Gen 3 Rachio with Homekit

Hi guys I’m using Rachio 3 firmware version iro3-firmware-hk-5-615 on iOS 12 with homehub (ipad acting as homehub).
During the pairing process homekit can see the Rachio controller – calls it rachio-bccc68. I enter in the code but I always get message that it couldn’t add Rachio-BCCC68. All the devices are on the same wifi network (I only have one in the house), and I tried adding the controller standing directly in front of the unit, and this didn’t work. I’ve seen people with similar problems on this issues. What should I do know?

There are known issues with the HomeKit
Integration including disconnecting, difficulty
reconnecting, “no response “ notifications’ and
Mesh nextwork connections’ the team is
Working with apple and testing a new
Firmware release to resolve these issues.