Can't get Second Gen 16 zone to work


Hi, just replaced an Irritrol RD900 R with the 2nd Gen. Rachio and I cannot get the sprinklers to work. The Irritrol had no Master Value or Common Wires. When setting the zone on the App it matches on the controller yet nothing happens. Any suggestions gratefully received!


Lack of a common wire is probably the key. Has there been anything connected to the RD900’s VC terminal? If so it’s your common, and whatever was connected there should be connected to one of the C terminals of your new Rachio.

If nothing was connected to the VC terminal, how many wires were connected to the two 24 VAC terminals?



Hey Gene, thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. Nothing was attached to the VC terminal but there were 2 wires connected to the VAC Terminal.


Looks like they’ve used “Earth Ground” instead of a VC terminal. (thanks for the picture, very clear) Seems on this model they are the interconnected.

Go ahead and connect the white wire which used to be connected to Earth Ground to any of the Common terminals and redo the zone setup via the app.



Will do! Thanks Gene!


Followed your advice Gene and that solved the issue. It is now working.
Thanks again.