Can't get one valve to work

I was experimenting once again with using flex schedule. All of my valves set up fine except one. It sets up fine in manual mode but nothing happens when I try to set up a flex schedule for it.

Can you explain more regarding the issue? Are you saying that a flex schedule is created for a particular zone and the schedule never runs?


when I attempt to set up the flex schedule it shows the valve. But when I select save nothing happens it just freezes. Its the same valve that works fine on manual schedule

@garmanmd, which zone are you trying to activate? I’ll to replicate your experience and see if we can track down the issue. Are you attempting to enable the zone on the mobile or web app?

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@garmanmd, thanks I just reviewed your account and see what’s happening. Looks like you’re currently setting up one schedule for each zone and we’ve maxed out the number of schedules the Iro can save. I’d recommend we consolidate some of your schedules into 3-4 if possible. I’d be happy to help you with this if needed.

I’d recommend the following changes:

  • Rollup all Flex schedules into one schedule set to run at 5a, any day (it will queue up zones to run in succession if more than one zone needs to run on any given day).
  • Merge all fixed schedules with the same watering interval (i.e. every 2 weeks @ 5a).
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