Can't get newly installed Rachio 3 working, wiring help

I recently installed a Rachio 3 (previously had a Hunter SPC Plus), but I can’t get my sprinklers to turn on.

This is what my previous wiring looked like:

And this is how I’ve got the new Rachio wired:

Does anybody see any glaring mistakes that I’ve made?

A couple things to note:

  • I can only get the Rachio 3 to power on when I connect the old Hunter power supply to the 24 VAC terminals. If I plug the Rachio supplied plug in instead, it won’t power up.
  • The irrigation system was already installed when I bought the house, so I’m not sure what kind of sensors I have connected to the two sensor terminals. Does anybody know how I can determine that?

Any help that anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been banging my head against a wall for a while trying to get this up and running.


@xzachx - let’s start by unhooking the lines to S1 and S2.

You may have a DOA power supply. I’m not sure if one can feed enough current backwards through the 24 VAC ports.

Do you have access to an ohm meter or volt/ohm meter?

Hey @xzachx!

Could very well be a DOA power supply - can you shoot a note to so we can get you a new one? :slight_smile: