Can't find my rain sensor, Rachio still sees it

I was having some gutter and roof work done, and I think my Hunter rain sensor got misplaced in the process. I don’t know where it is.

But it still seems to be connected to my Rachio. Rachio seems to see it on S1 and constantly seems to think that the rain sensor is in triggered mode. Been that way for a month straight.

S1 is connected to a Hunter receiver. And presumably that Hunter receiver is then connected to the rain sensor. I had to put it in bypass mode so that the sprinkler will actually run.

Does this make sense? Does this actually seem like the right sensor is somewhere on my property? If the rain sensor were out of range, would Rachio see it in “rain sensor is wet” mode?

At first I thought maybe I took it off the gutter and stuck it in the garage. But if that were the case, I don’t think it would be stuck in “rain sensor is wet” mode this long.



I was going to say follow the wires… but it seems you need to follow the waves… I don’t think there is any way to find it, maybe if the Hunter receiver gives any signal strength indication, find a way to power it on the go and move around in a feeble attempt to triangulate the transmitter? Sorry

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Ha, yeah I should have been clearer in indicating that it’s a wireless sensor.

I guess what I should do is look at the Hunter manual to see what value the wired monitor portion returns on its wires if it can’t find the sensor.

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yeah, there is a chance the sensor simply isn’t anymore and the receiver reports an arguably safer “wet” state. Although by this line of thought, when the rain sensor battery dies, it takes your lawn with it?!