Can't find moisture levels (app. and browser)

Hi All,

I can no longer find the moisture levels for my yard. This is true for both the app and via the browser interface.

My configuration is as follows:

  • Rachio version 1 (been running for 9 months)
  • 5 Zones
  • App version 2.6.0
  • Fixed interval scheduling (every 3 days) with Smart Cycle and Weather Intelligence enabled.
  • Just changed my weather station

It is,not not available for fix schedules. It was not intended to be used for fixed. You have to switch over to flex.

Hi plainsane,

Thank you! So… what is the difference in behavior/logic between a Fixed schedule that uses Weather Intelligence and a monthly Flex schedule?

Weather intelligence will skip if it has rained up to a certain amount Or to detect the possibility of freeze…kind of like a virtual rain sensor When using fixed up.

When on a flex, the weather data is used to estimate how much moisture is in the soil or will be added to soil for the current day via rain and only execute the schedule when your moisture drops below a preconfigured point, called mad.

You can get better detail at

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