Can't find how to purchase Extended Warranty

I’m just about ready to purchase a Rachio 3-16 zone, but other than seeing information that an Extended warranty exists, I can’t find the actual page that gives the price and the information for ordering it. Help please!

I am not sure I have seen an extended warranty except if you purchase through a Rachio pro and have them install it.

As a followup, I just finished a chat with Rachio Support and the Extend warranty (Extend is apparently the warranty provider not a shortcut for the word Extended) only appears while you are in the cart purchasing the Rachio. 1Yr $18.99, 2Yr $30.99, 3Yr $40.99

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Rachio Support emailed me the following detailed information

The Extend Protection Plan begins when the manufacturer’s warranty ends and protects against mechanical or electrical breakdown, including those experienced during normal wear and tear as well as those caused by a direct result of a power surge. This plan does not cover accidental damage.

The prices for the Extend warranty will be the following:

1 Year Protection Plan - $18.99

2 Year Protection Plan - $30.99

3-Year Protection Plan - $40.99
- This is a single replacement program that allows for a 1-time replacement.
- And this is only applicable when doing direct purchases from

Are these an x number of years after an initial z years basic initial warranty ?

Their email said: “The Extend Protection Plan begins when the manufacturer’s warranty ends”. According to Manufacturer’s Warranty they have a 2 year original warranty.

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