Can't enter my non US address to Rachio iPhone app

The Rachio app in my iPhone doesn’t accept my non-US address (or any non-US address whatsoever). As a result I can’t create a Home with my correct country/address in the Rachio iPhone app, the only way to install and operate Rachio at my non-US home location is to enter a fake US address and create a Home with that fake US address details, which of course results into Rachio displaying weather data and time zone for that fake US address, instead of my correct non-US address where the Rachio is really installed and operated. Trying to find a solution, I tried entering my real non-US address to the web-based rachio app Initially, this solution did work indeed in the web-based app, where my non-US real address was there for a moment, and everything seemed fine, so my real address, time zone and weather data where correct there for a moment in the web-based app. Afterwards, however, checking with the iPhone app, oddly enough, that web-based app address update didn’t as well update my home address in the iPhone Rachio app, where it still showed that fake US address and of course the incorrect time zone and weather data of that fake US address. Most of all, afterwards, when I refreshed the webpage of the web-based Rachio app, even there it reverted back to my fake US address, so actually it is obvious that whatever you do with your address data in the web-based app, actually the web-based home address data are erased and updated back to whatever your home address was in the iPhone app. Please assist.

Hi there, I just had this issue. I contacted the support number via the webpage. Over the phone they were able to add my non-US address to my account from their end. From there i was able to select a weather station near my location.

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thank you for letting me know, I have emailed their support and awaiting their reply

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Rachio they replied back to me by email that they had entered to the app my non-US address and had supposedly solved my problem. Upon checking my app afterwards I discovered that while they had indeed entered my own correct local address, they had as well moved the time zone of my app, from the US address time zone that I had it setup previously (which was minus 7 hours vs my local address time zone) to another time zone which is minus 9 hours vs my local address time zone. Expectedly, the weather displayed in my app as well is of that minus 9 hours behind time zone instead of my own local weather. All in all a mess and quite disappointing that after an initial few days use of my newly installed Rachio water computer my garden watering is pretty much a mess.