Can't deselect zones in a flex daily schedule


I’m trying to deselect 3 zones from a 7 zone Flex Daily schedule (it’s a new schedule that I created after the ability to change coefficients came out.) Using the app on IOS 9.3.2 it looks like it is going to let me do it, then after I click the back arrow, the app just hangs. I have to kill the app and restart it to even see the main screen again.

Tried to deselect using the web app, and I can’t do it there either. Am I missing something???



Are you still having issues with this functionality?



This morning I can deselect them ok. What happened? What’s upsetting to me is that I was doing this because I finally had the time at the right time to do some catch cup tests. I ended up disabling the entire schedule last night, which I thought it had taken, so I could do those tests this morning. Only I’ve woken up to find out that the schedule did not disable, and the zones I wanted to test ended up running.



This was the likely cause:

Still waiting for a full break down from our Gen1 provider as to the root cause.