Can't create second schedule with Flex Daily

I have tried hunting for this topic, and found someone with a similar issue, but there were no replies.

Since I have water restrictions, I would like two schedules: One that runs May thru August (odd days due to restrictions), and a second schedule that starts September 1 for every day (restrictions are over).

However, when I try to create that second schedule, I can’t choose Flex Daily as I don’t see my zones since they are in another schedule. These schedules would not overlap.

So, how do I get around this? Is there a better strategy? Or do I simply need to remember to do this at the start of watering restrictions and again at the end of watering restrictions? (this remembering to adjust schedules is one reason I bought the Rachio…)

Advice please? And thank you all for lending your knowledge and experience.


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I think you hit it - set a reminder to loosen or restrict the days the flex schedule can water. Worst case scenario (or at least I perceive this as the worst case) is that you water, year round under the restrictive schedule and not worry about changing the days it can water.

Thank you!
I really wish two schedules that don’t overlap didn’t restrict options on one another. Is there any way to request a feature/enhancement in the software?

Yes I think that’s a forum category.

We should definitely be able to create more than one Flex Daily schedule, as long as they don’t conflict. For informational and comparison purposes, I’ve wanted to create alternate Flex Daily schedules, maybe to simulate a problem someone has here, or look at changes I might want to implement.

As you say, I cannot create more than one Flex Daily schedule. Even if I first DISABLE the current Flex Daily schedule, and I thought surely I’d be able to do that, but not.

For information or education purposes, I’ve resorted to creating zones I do not have, and then creating Flex Daily schedules for them. That helps, in my case (probably not yours). Yes, we should be able to do that, as long as a big warning pops up emphasizing we cannot have two Flex Daily schedules operating at one time on the same zones.