Can't connect rachio hub

I just bought Rachio Smart Hose Timer directly from Rachio website. It came with the wifi Hub. But for the life of me I can’t seem to be able to connect this wifi hub to my already existing rachio account. I have a rachio 2 controller for last many years.

The setup within the rachio app does not move forward after I connect my phone to hub’s own wifi and going back to the app. The screen keeps showing spinning circle no matter how many times I try this same thing. I have restarted my phone, I have even resetted the hub and what I can think of.

What is wrong with this hub? Anyone any ideas before I send this back to Rachio and ask for money back ?

@amitmohan - what phone type - Android or iOS?

Hold the reset button on the hub for 15 seconds to do a factory reset - don’t let up when the lights first change, wait a good 15 seconds total.

@amitmohan would you mind working with our customer support team to get you all setup? That’s probably the fastest way to get your hub online. If so, DM me your email address and I’ll have them reach out to you.

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Thanks for the response Chris. I am going to be out on vacation for a week but I’ll DM you once I am back.

Thanks again!
-Amit Mohan

I have tried this many times even upto 30 seconds as suggested by someone on the internet when I was trying to browse similar issues.

Ok, sounds good. Enjoy your vacation and apologies for the trouble you’re having with our product. We’re here to help.

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Hello Chris, I am back from vacation. Do you want me to call customer support and have them walk me though now ?