Can't calibrate garden drip zone

We installed our Flow Meter and I’ve been able to successfully calibrate every zone except the last one which is for the drip system for the garden. Each time I try to calibrate it I get an error message saying it has a high flow of over 25 gpm but there are no leaks. (Note: I had this happen in another zone but I recalibrated and it then worked fine.)


@kmac188 - try increasing the pressurize time under More/Controller Settings/Flow Settings.

Do you know about what the flow rate should be for that zone? Is it more than 25 GPM?

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@DLane - thanks for the quick response! I do not know what the flow rate should be for that zone. Not sure how I would figure that out? We had 9 zones and had to consolidate the two garden zones into one to match the number of zones on the Rachio. Essentially this zone waters garden beds around the perimeter of about 1/3 acre.

I tried doubling the pressurize time from 2 mins to 4 mins and I still get the same error. Oddly, when I watch the calibration it fluctuates wildly from 0 to just above 1 gpm

Got any other thoughts?

p.s. When I say “waters” I mean drips and soaker hoses.

@kmac188 - If the number and emission rate of the emitters is known then I think it is a math formula.

number of emitters * rate in GPH / 60 minutes per hour = GPM

So 100 * .5 GPH / 60 MPH = .833 GPM

I think there are minimum and maximum flow rates that the flow meter can detect.

One could also go to the water meter, if it is accessible and not on a well, take a reading, run the zone for a minute (or more) and take a new reading to see what the flow is.

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Thanks again @DLane. I suspect I’m just going to have to live without the flowmeter on this zone