Cannot schedule single zone

I’ve just installed Rachio and it can run my sprinkler system. Using the web interface, when I set up a new schedule, a page pops up and asks me “Which zones would you like to water in this schedule?” It has blue checks next to all of my zones and it won’t let me un-check any zone. I can drag the zones around and reorder them, but I can’t uncheck any of the zones. How do you set up a watering schedule that only uses one or two zones? I can set one up that uses all zones, but I also need to set up one that only uses one zone.

Update: I can create what I need using the Android app, but the web page does not allow me to unselect any zones. Must be a bug in the web page (using Chrome on a Win 10 machine).

@DaddioDave, I have the same issue. I use the Android app to create and edit the schedules and use the web ui for viewing. I also get a UI issues with my moisture graphs. Hopefully things will be fixed in V3.

It’s a known bug with the web app.