Cannot manually run any stations

I was able to manually run all of the stations two days and wanted to run manually again before the scheduled time set for two days later but nothing happened. Could not run one, all, or any stations. Phone app shows the run starts but then automatically shut off in like 5-10 seconds but no sprinkler heads ever popped up. Someone else had a problem with one of their station but I didn’t see the fix.

HI knguyenmd,
i did have same issue from yesterday evening. I talked to the support, they suggested to unplug the IRO for 30 seconds or more. ( I guess…there was new firmware update yesterday, which created the problems…). Now my zones are working fine.


@knguyenmd, are you still having trouble with this? If so, please email our support team [] so we can review your account logs.

@saddanki, thanks for sharing this tip! The firmware update didn’t impact very many users but we found a simple reset did the trick for anyone that was impacted.

Please keep us posted if you encounter any more weirdness with your Iro.

Best, Emil