Cannot manually run a schedule in flex daily

This seems like an odd feature to remove. It existed in As Needed and came in very handy if I thought a schedule needed to be run based on my observations of how my plants or lawn were looking. I know you can run zone by zone, but the option to run a pre-set combination of zones so I can turn it on and leave is what I need.


@Druben999 Agreed, this should be in the app. @brad 2.7 :wink:


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Thanks @Druben999. That does make sense. One little known feature that may also come in handy is the ability to queue up zone runs in the remote. Within the remote, you can select a zone and a time, then before you hit run, select another zone and a time. Repeat until you have all the runs you want and then hit run. Hope that helps for now.

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