Cannot install device

When I start the process to connect to Wi-Fi I get a message saying

“We have discovered issues with Wi-Fi connection to Rachio controllers on the type of mobile device you are using. We recommend using one of these two troubleshooting steps:

  1. Use another device for Wi-Fi connection and controller set up. If you choose this option, just close out the app on this device. (Recommended)

  2. Use your computer to connect the controller to Wi-Fi, and then complete controller set up here.”

there’s no way on the computer to install the device it tells me I need an iOS device. when I try to proceed on my iPhone I get an error when I tried to connect to my network. I fkk ok not have any other devices!

When you see that prompt, did you attempt to continue through with the “use computer” option? If you do that it sets up most stuff from your phone and then will help you get setup through the computer via a different process than the web app.

Hey, I suggest you get in touch with the guys from support, maybe they can help you. In general, there are a lot of bugs on glitches on our devices, even some days ago, my windows notebook started to work very slowly. I did a research on the internet and I found out that is happened because of a lot of junk files on my PC, happily, I have found some best computer optimizer and I fixed it easily, but there are problems that a pretty hard to solve by yourself.