Cannot get Gen 2 to connect with Google Mesh WiFi

Gets stuck on second light flashing yellow. Rachio app states “Setting up accessory to join “my wifi”, then states “An unexpected error occurred”. Try again.

FYI…I just upgraded to Google Fiber.

There are two general possibilities:

  1. The device that the Rachio app is running on is failing to connect to and provision the controller.
  2. The controller did get provisioned correctly, but some router/firewall setting is preventing it from connecting to the internet.

Did you set up the new Google access points with the same SSID (network name) and password as the old system? If so, did your phones and other devices connect without doing anything, other than perhaps rebooting them? If so, did you try just rebooting the Rachio, rather than reconfiguring it? If so, the issue is almost certainly (2).

When you had the second light flashing yellow and you ran the app to configure, did the light state change and then return to second light flashing? If not (no visible change at controller), the issue is almost certainly (1).

For (1), on what device did you run the app? Android or iOS version? What other device(s) did you try? What other suitable devices do you have, or have access to? This would include tablets, as well as old phones with no SIM card, as long as they can connect to Wi-Fi to install the app.

One way to confirm (2), is to use a second phone or tablet as a temporary mobile hotspot. Confirm that you can connect to it from the device running the app, then try to provision the controller to that Wi-Fi. If successful, you can use this connection to set up a temporary fixed scheduler, so you’ll have some watering until the incompatibility with Google Wi-Fi gets resolved.