Cannot Find 'Weather Intelligence' Feature


I am unable to find ‘Weather Intelligence’ option. Please help me more.

McKynzee kindly posted “You can find the “Rain Skip” feature by selecting your watering schedule, then scrolling down and selecting Weather Intelligence. There you will see all the weather features available and it will tell you if your Rain Skip is enabled or not! If you select Rain Skip, you can enable/disable it and also change your threshold for the skip.”

I followed these instructions carefully. I can only get as far as ‘select watering schedule, then scroll down…’

I am unable to select 'Weather Intelligence because it doesn’t appear on my screen. I am using IE browser, latest version.

Please help some more. Thank you.

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@a0128958 I forgot to add you have to be using a Fixed or Flex monthly schedule to be able to change these! If you are using Flex, all weather intelligence is enabled by default and cannot be edited.


Thank you. I wanted to be sure that as I’m saying I’m on full blast automatic that I really am, for my ‘science experiment’ to see how responsive the Rachio 2 is to outside temperature change.

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@a0128958 I love it! How’s it going so far?


See my posting in ‘5 Waterings in August’ for the answer to your question.

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