Cannot find pws, please add

thank you!


Here’s a link to the Rachio site where they detail those stations that your system can use. Please note that although your Weather Underground station is your Personal Weather Station it is not a “PWS” from which is supported by Rachio. :+1:

Thank you! So this is brutal, I have it all set up and can’t connect my Acurite Atlas to my Rachio? very disappointing since Accurit does not support

Do you have a Gen 3 Rachio? pwsweather is only needed for older Gen 1 and 2 controllers.

The issue you may be experiencing is that your WU station is still new. It takes a week or two for the new stations to show up as a choice on the Rachio map.

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Thank you Gene! I have seen your posts on here and was hoping you’d see mine :slight_smile:

I have a Gen 3, I will wait and see, thanks


Thank you for that information. It’s great to know that Rachio has added WU stations to their system.


For what it’s worth, I have a Ambient Weather WS2000 (that reports to Ambient Weather, WU, PWS, CWOP and Weather Cloud :wink: ) and I used it exclusively with my Gen 2 controller. However, with the Gen 3 Hyperlocal Weather capability, I have personally switched to this setting for my Rachio system. - YMMV