Cannot Compete with Rain Bird, Hunter or Toro

I work for a large distributor that does not sell Rachio. Instead we sell mainly Rain Bird and Hunter controllers. My coworkers make fun of me that I have a Rachio controller. When i ask the reps from Hunter and Rain Bird why they do not have scheduling software like Rachio, they immediately dismiss Rachio as too involved. The Hunter rep went so far as to say there was just a five percent difference in water use between Rachio and Hydrawise. I totally disagree. The only thing RB and Hunter do is change the percentage adjustment. The truth is most contractors here are not very well educated and the majority of homeowners lack the common sense to program a controller like Rachio. I have pretty much given up on smart controllers. Instead, I am more inclined to recommend pressure regulated heads, and either a Toro or Rain Bird soil sensor. These items act like the equivalent of a low flow toilet in the house.

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Rachio can be a basic “smart” controller for those that want to just have phone access to make adjustments to their system or wow their friends and family, but it can also be an all out, truely SMART controller. At that point I do agree that Rachio can get a bit more “involved” than a majority of consumers can, or want to handle. Doesn’t change the fact that I love my Rachio, and I think it is the most powerful smart controller on the market.


I agree that Rachio is hands-down best smart controller on the market. Those of us who own a Rachio are get smart irrigation. Rain Bird and Hunter reps tell people that very few can understand a zone setup like Rachio. Contractors listen. Rachio could expand their distributor base or even license their technology to a major manufacturer. But i do not see this happening.

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