Cancel Schedule for 1 Day?

I have a watering schedule set up for every Tuesday/Friday right now. If I wanted to skip watering on a certain Friday, is there a way to mark that specific day to be skipped?

If you don’t mind doing it manually, you can manually put in a rain skip for a day before the fridays you want it off

You could use IFTTT to schedule a future rain skip, too.

I think @Larry is onto a nice possible addition to the UI, something like an “Event Skip”, that doesn’t rely on third party workarounds. If I knew I was going to be holding a party in the backyard on some day or some other reason I want to prevent the lawn from being watered it would be nice to tap that day in the calendar and say “Don’t water on this day.”


I do what @briansusername suggested. I have an IFTTT recipe that searches for a keyword in my google calendar. When the words “rain skip” are found, the recipe sets a rain delay 15 minutes before the even is set to go off. So I usually just set it at like 1 AM on the day I want to skip later in the week.

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