Canadian Weather focast

I would like to know what is the source of the focast that Rachio uses for Ontario Canada. Right now every other focast shows 100% rain and i can see the rain falling, but rachio forecast shows 17% and my sprinklers are on. I even have my own Atlas weather station which it is linked to and the sprinklers still came on. I suspect Rachio uses a random focast generator, because I’ve never seen their forcast ever come close to Environment Canada, Weather Network or Weather Underground… most disappointing

Is your weather station linked into Weather Underground ? If so, rather than selecting Weather Network, you should select your own station.

If your station does not connect to Weather Underground, you should possibly pick a PWS close by, rather than using the Weather Network (since you feel it clearly does not work for you)

EDIT: Wrote Weather Intelligence rather than Network

I have two options on my Rachio - set the controller to my weather station via Weather Underground or the Weather Network. I have mine set to my weather station, but still it doesn’t seem to use that data. The Weather Network is also very accurate here and when I set it to that, it also doesn’t seem to use that data. It uses the weather forecast that comes up on the home screen which is completely different from the forecast from Weather Underground and the Weather Network… hence my question WHAT SERVICE IS IT LOOKING AT FOR ITS FORCAST? Because it is WRONG!!


Here are the screen shots from Weather Underground, The Weather Network and what is shown on Rachio’s home screen, as you can see the Rachio forecast is completely different from the other two. Unfortunately, it uses the forecast on the home screen regardless of which service I choose… hence it could be hot without a cloud in the sky and it will do a rain skip as it is doing today or it could be pouring rain and the sprinklers will turn on as it did yesterday.
What a mess…

What about setting to a PWS close by, to rule in or out PWS’s and Canada (as bizarre as that seems).

I have my own PWS that is connected to WU (IRAMAR4) and there is another close by and it makes no difference what i connect to it only seem to revert to the crazy weather forecast that shows up on the home screen.
Again please let me know what weather service that home screen is showing?

It just did a rain skip for tonight with a 17% chance of rain…:person_facepalming:
Please see if you can figure out what is going on…


I see where you are coming from. I never looked closely at this before TBH. But I absolutely agree that it certainly seems to me that the forecast on the top of the homescreen is definitely NOT from your PWS. It certainly looks to me that therefore the PWS data is only used at the end of the day (or every 3 or 6 hours) to calculate the moisture loss, but that’s no good if rain is generally not forecast and if your PWS DOES forecast rain, and it does rain.

Our PWS differes from the Forecast by one or two deg C each day