Can you run a schedule and adjust the time by a percent for all zones

I want to be able to adjust my schedule sometime to run at 75% of the fixed schedule for all zones. I live in Sacramento, and the weather can be variable at this time of the year. I would like to be able to quickly say run all zones at 75 or 90 % of normal without manual adjusting each zone. Is that possible? If not I would like to suggest this as a feature.

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Unfortunately not. We supported this in a prior release but thought adjusting +/- all zones based on minutes would be easier math. I think we missed the mark. I’ll definitely forward this request to the product team.

For now the only option is to globally adjust the fixed minutes on the schedule using +/- at the top of the schedule.


I had the same issue, @KTambo. I realized a while ago that this previously available feature was removed with versions 2.5 and up.

I really valued the ability to be able to adjust all zones by a percentage–it made the Rachio much more user friendly for me, which is why I bought the system in the first place.

I’ve read on these Rachio forums about the loss of that feature since 2016, so it seems a little bit disingenuous for @franz to admit it missed the mark and forward the feedback to product development when they’ve known about it for 2+ years yet nothing has changed.

Are there plans to add back that feature or not? Thanks!

Hi @Teutonaddict,

We’re constantly working on ways to improve the app as well as bring new features to enhance the overall user experience. In the app today, we do have the ability to adjust Watering Duration for all Zones at once quickly and easily by holding down the increase/decrease arrow for Total watering time.

I understand that this isn’t a perfect solution to address %, and while I have nothing definitive to announce at this time, I encourage you to stay tuned for upcoming updates focused on improving scheduling options.

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